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Creality MSLA Printer LD-002H 3D Resin Printer

Creality MSLA Printer LD-002H 3D Resin Printer
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LD-002H - A small and unique LCD printer

The CREALITY CREALITY LD-002H is a printer with MSLA technology, printing a full layer in one go! More printers from the field can be found here .

(Hardening of liquid resin by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light projected from a unique patented LED lighting system and filtered through an LCD monitor that hides or reveals according to the shape of the printed model)

Global Creality brings you the perfect printer for creating tiny and delicate models that reach the levels of detail that printers with FDM or FFF technology are unable to produce.

This printer can fit in the field of jewelry, dental clinics, fine mechanics, miniatures, tiny mechanical parts and even less. Uncompromising levels of accuracy are required there both in terms of details and in terms of level of finish.

The CREALITY LD-002H printer produces models with the same level of finish as a finished product without layer marks.

This amazing MSLA printer is capable of supporting many types of resin materials, including: standard resin, PA nylon, ABS-like, high-temperature-resistant materials, flexible materials and even vanishing wax designed to produce models that will then be sent to cast metal just like a jewelry making process. Yes, you heard right, you can make jewelry models.

The CREALITY LD-002H printer comes as a complex unit with mechanics, beautifully built, and does not require calibration at all! The printer comes out of the package and immediately goes to work.

This printer is globally acclaimed and is even considered the fastest on the market today with a layer print measurement in less than 2.5 seconds! (ABS-LIKE material).

To ensure quality and reliability over time, Frozen has not compromised on the components. You will admire the printer using a large and colorful touch screen with a simple and convenient interface as only Frozen can do and enjoy a smooth and comfortable printing experience!


CREALITY LD-002H Printer Features:

  • Over 2000 hours of printing - (monochrome screen longevity)
  • Fast printing - 2.5 seconds per layer!
  • Offline printing using the touch screen - access to an on-key disk.
  • Upload file from disk and key
  • High accuracy and print quality using a LED array with focus lenses
  • Reducing the need for maintenance by using precise mechanics - high-quality linear bearing, and reduced moving parts
  • Built-in working temperature control - for maintaining the internal electronics
  • A wide variety of raw materials can be used in addition to the original ones - such as raw materials with a wavelength of 405 nm.
  • Easy and convenient use without the need for calibration
  • An upgraded version of the LD-002R model,Includes charcoal filter and monochrome screen!


CREALITY LD-002H Printer Technical Data:

  • Printing technology:LCD
  • Print size: 160 * 82 * 130 mm
  • Layer thickness:0.01-0.3 mm
  • Print speed:50 mm / hour
  • Resolution (layer thickness):0.0625mm
  • Accuracy level: 51Micron in axes X, Y
  • light source:405nm - 8000uw / ​​cm²
  • Material Type:Liquid resin
  • Printer weight:4.5 kg
  • Net printer dimensions:221x221x403 mm


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