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Creality Filament Dry Box

Creality Filament Dry Box
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The innovative storage box from Creality serves as a storage compartment for raw materials for FDM / FFF printers.

Its purpose is to protect the raw materials from moisture absorption, accumulation of dust and various contaminants and thus  significantly improve the print quality mainly due to the fact that it retains sensitive materials like PLA and nylon.

The box contains two features that are a significant advantage:

1. Automatic weighing - The box contains an automatic weight that calculates the amount of material in the roll and saves the hassle of changing materials in the middle of printing.

Electronic drying system - the Creality storage box dries moisture and allows heating of the storage compartment so that old materials lose the accumulated moisture and renew their function and efficiency. In addition, there are materials from which the removal of moisture gives them a much cleaner and higher quality print. 

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