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FlashForge GUIDER 2S 3D printer

FlashForge GUIDER 2S 3D printer
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Guider 2s 3D Printer - The new giant Flashforge series printer

Guider 2s Meet one of the world's leading printers. Extremely high level of accuracy, full industrial capabilities, an automatic calibration system for incredibly convenient and practical work, advanced safety mechanisms and a comfortable and simple user experience! Enables large model printing thanks to its huge size and support for complex materials of uncompromising quality!


Guider 2s A New Age of Technology

The special functions integrated in the printer, place it at the front of the stage and thus is considered one of the best 3D printers in the world
. The advanced technology of the Guider 2s provides many advantages and ensures complex production processes.


Printing at a temperature of up to 300 degrees

The printer comes with a HIGH Temp extruders system that allows working with materials that require printing at extremely high temperatures, which allows flexibility in the choice of printing materials such as: nylon, polycarbonate, carbon fiber and more.


Print resolution of up to 50 microns!

Maximum precision in the production of complex objects, wonderful for creating complex prints such as high quality and meticulous engineering parts.


Fault prevention

Every novice user knows that a power outage, or out-of-print material, are faults we would rather avoid.
We usually encounter a problem when we are required to print a complex model that requires time and material - more than usual. The good news is that the Guider 2s printer is equipped with a dedicated sensor and POWER RESUME, when the sensor alerts the printer And the power resume system allows printing to continue during a power outage and stop without compromising the printing process or model quality.


Automatic calibration

The calibration system of the Guider 2s enables automatic calibration of 3 axes (XYZ) - simultaneously and with maximum accuracy.


Huge print volume!

The incredible accuracy of this printer along with a huge size printing pad, allows for the creation of large and detailed models and it does so perfectly.
If in the past you used to print an object divided into several small parts, today you can produce it in one complex print and reach an exceptional level of accuracy.


Improved printing surface

At the end of printing, you can easily release the object, thanks to the flexible surface, which can be disassembled if necessary.


Carbon carbon filter and powerful fan

Perform unnecessary particle filtration efficiently and safely and neutralize the printing odors and toxins generated in printing that requires high temperature.


User convenience

In addition to its many advantages, the Guider 2s allows easy and convenient operation even for a novice user, thanks to a 5-inch touch screen.


Real-time photography and distribution

You can document the print job with a high-quality built-in camera and a custom application.
You can easily export a video you took from the print booth, directly to Facebook, Instagram and the various media, with a simple connection to the Internet.


Good friend of the FlashPrint slicer

Guider 2s 3D printer, adapted for smooth and comfortable work with FlashPrint software - the recommended software for working with 3D printing that allows cutting models and editing supports - according to your design, this software is the most user-friendly. The printer comes pre-assembled and ready to work, very suitable for development offices, manufacturing plants and educational institutions, academic institutions, companies and industry. The Guider 2s printer is considered to be a very user-friendly and advanced printer, which brings industrial printing, even into the home or office.
It comes in one piece, when no assembly is required. Suitable for manufacturing plants, educational institutions, entrepreneurs and industry that requires a large printing volume, printing of engineering materials, and a clean combination of materials or colors.


Special Features of the Guider 2S Printer:

  • Specially created to provide industrial print quality with easy home printing

  • Has a filament finishing sensor (detects filament finish until replacement and then continues printing from the same point)

  • A smart bed balance system before printing

  • Easy and fast operation of the printer

  • Excellent printing accuracy

  • 5-inch LCD display screen for ease of use

  • Back to work after a power outage



  • In materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, WOOD, FLEX, TPU, CARBON, PLA and more ..

  • File reading: .3mf / .stl / obj / .fpp / .bmp / ​​png jpg / jpeg files

  • Operating system: Linux, Windows, OSX

  • Slicer: FlashPrint, Simplify 3D

  • Data transfer: USB stick, Wi-Fi, Ethernet FlashCloud, PolarCloud


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