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Creality CR-X Pro 3D Printer

Creality CR-X Pro 3D Printer
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CR-X PRO is a new 3D printer, made entirely of metal for stability and printing accuracy. Has 2 printing mechanisms, which allows printing in 2 colors or 2 different types of materials at the same time. Comes with Meanwell power supply (quiet American power supply).

The CR-X PRO boasts exceptional performance like the rest of Creality printers, plus additional benefits.

For the first three years, Reality continues to produce a very high-quality production line of 3D printers at affordable prices.

High quality 3D printer and excellent value for money.

Unlike complete or closed printers, the CR-X PRO  comes as a "kit" that needs to be assembled, but the printer comes out of the box already at about 90% complex.

Although a small investment of assembly and calibration time is required, very quickly the printer is ready to use and can make prints!


Components of the CR-X PRO printer  :

  • Number of extrusion mechanisms (nozzles): 2

  • Extruder Type: Remote, Two-Gear ( Bondtech )

  • Automatic leveling: Yes ( BL-Touch )

  • Control panel: 8 bit, quiet


CR-X PRO Printer Support  :

  • In the materials: PLA, PETG, WOOD, FLEX, TPU and more.

  • Files: G-Code

  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, OSX

  • Slicer: CURA, Simplify 3D, Repetier, Prusa Slicer

  • Connectivity: SDCARD, USB


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