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3D Resin Printer (CL-60) Creality MSLA Printer HALOT-ONE

3D Resin Printer (CL-60) Creality MSLA Printer HALOT-ONE
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CREALITY HALOT-ONE Printer Features:

  • Over 2000 hours of printing - (monochrome screen longevity)
  • Fast printing - 2.5 seconds per layer!
  • Offline printing using the touch screen - access to an on-key disk.
  • Upload file from disk and key
  • High accuracy and print quality using a LED array with focus lenses
  • Reducing the need for maintenance by using precise mechanics - high-quality linear bearing, and reduced moving parts
  • Built-in working temperature control - for maintaining the internal electronics
  • A wide variety of raw materials can be used in addition to the original ones - such as raw materials with a wavelength of 405 nm.
  • Easy and convenient use without the need for calibration
  • An upgraded version of the LD-002H model,Includes charcoal filter and monochrome screen!


technical details

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  • Printing technology:LCD 4K - 3840x2400
  • Print size:127x80x160 mm
  • Print speed:60 mm / h
  • Resolution (layer thickness)0.0625mm
  • precision  50 microns in axes X, Y
  • light source Inches 5.96 Monochrome LCD
  • Material type Liquid resin
  • The weight of the printer 7.1 kg
  • Net printer dimensions 221x221x404 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.01-0.3 mm
  • Box weight  8.8 kg
  • Box size 295x295x545 mm


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